NYCene is a live-music events calendar featuring venues in New York City. This website focuses on smaller, more intimate music venues throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and The Bronx. I tried to focus on bars and performance spaces rather than megaclubs and corporate venues. (After all, they do enough of their own promotions.) In addition, we have purposefully stayed away from pop stars and music icons. Not only do they tend to sell out months in advance, their following generally knows when they are coming to town. NYCene promotes low-key, live music venues where we would want to hang out on a nightly basis.

This website came about to fill a personal need. Once a month, when I had visitors in town, I would have to spend an hour or two searching various venue event calendars and band facebook pages to find live music shows to take them too. By the time this whole rigmarole was over, the event was so built up in my mind, it was bound to do nothing but disappoint. Say nothing that oftentimes the event was sold out months in advance, by people who made plans and stuck to them. As if good times going out was something that should happen only occasionally on Saturday night.

This websites owes an enormous debt to one of the greatest radio stations in the world, WWOZ broadcasting out of one of the greatest cities in the world, New Orleans. After work, with nothing particular in mind,  I could search the pages of their LiveWire to discover the best live, local music each night. In theory, New York has as much to offer, if not more. But I always felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of offerings. This website is an attempt to remedy that situation.

Check out the events pages. I tried to compile data from the 75 or so bars that have music on a fairly regularly basis. Check back often for updates. There’s always something going on. You’re bound to miss out on most of it.